Rogue in a Tree

Paldemar's Plan

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The Ambush

After resting at the Halfmoon Inn our Rogue in a Tree adventuring group woke to a delivery.

The Inn Keep, Erra Halfmoon, motions for the group and begins to explain that a very “nervous, skittish” looking fellow came in here and left this here message. She informs the group that the mysterious messenger was awful cautious to cover his tracks and pay attention to the patrons. “I have seen this short Tiefling around before, but never knew his name or duty”, exclaimed Erra. “He is typically strolling around in a cloak and hooded, as if he may be trying to hide”.

The message included a request for a secret meeting from someone belonging to the evil organization and looking for a way out. Along with the message was a crude map of a hidden cave for this secret rendezvous. Sated with this new information, our refreshed Heroes headed out to find this mysterious Teifling.

As soon as our Heroes enter the cavernous alcove, two sneaky Tieflings were spotted ready for a fight. Just as Backstabba begins engaging the obvious threat, a giant bolder csmes rolling from the side and crushed both Backstabba and Diesaour against the near wall. Lo and behold these Tieflings had acquired a Bronze Warder to assist them in this ambush, and our Heroes quickly realize this fight just got more interesting.

Immediately Silverclaw used his strength to unlodge the boulder and free Diesa and Backstabba, while Bander took this opportunity to call upon the spirit Zububba (sp?) to join the melee and help his comrades. After chasing the prime Tiefling around (learning of his teleport ability as well as his amulet that must be controlling the Bronze Warder) our brave group decided to focus attention on the Warder.

After a long and damaging fight, with many attacks glancing off of the Bronze Warder but a few large blows hitting home, Bander manages to strike out with the might of all of his spirit guides and drop the Bronze Warder to the ground. At this point the Tieflings knowing well what failure affords them, fruitlessly fight to the death. One Tiefling gets the best of Backstabba as she succumbs to the burning damage of the balefire. Only the quick action and heal skill of Bander helps Backstabba escape death’s grip. Shortly after this the rest of the party makes quick work of the Tieflings.

Following the attempted ambush, Silverclaw discovers one Tiefling was carrying a small satchel containing a heavy scroll case, thus containing 3 scrolls. The first is the contract for the death of our 4 Heroes, where the 2nd is a letter to Maldrick Scarmaker thanking him for the alliance, and welcoming him to enjoy the blood of these medling adventurers. The third scroll contained a detailed map that leads to the location of the Blackfang Gnolls, decidedly the location that these 4 lifeless bodies were to be delivered. The important factor is that the scrolls are signed by none other than Paldemar. The same Paldemar that is a “missing” mage of Saruun.

Our beaten and bruised, but still alive, adventuring group heads back to the Seven Pillared Hall for some relaxation, regrouping, and to venture about completing a couple personal side quests (Backstabba turns in bone scepter for a nice xp and gold reward, and Silverclaw makes the journey back to Winterhaven to complete his quest for a similar reward).

And last we leave our group, meeting once again in the tap room of the Halfmoon Inn, deciding that it is time to find these Blackfang Gnolls, and let them realize that there will be no enjoyment of our heroes blood….and something about finding a pig?

Until Next Time,
Your DM


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